15 Top Accelo Alternatives & Competitors for Agencies

Agency management isn’t what it used to be. It got easier. Well, kind of.

Today there’s a wide array of agency management tools out there to choose from like Accelo, Productive, Scoro or Wrike. These usually pop up when you’re considering what might be the best option for you and your business.

Accelo is a popular project management and automation software solution that was designed with agencies in mind.However, if you’re looking for Accelo alternatives, this article makes a good starting point.

We’ll be exploring some of the top Accelo alternatives that you can start using today and delving deeper into their features, what’s working and what could be better. Once you know your agency’s needs, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which of these business tools will work best for you.
Let’s dive right in!

1. Productive – A Great Accelo Alternative for Agencies

If you’re looking for an Accelo alternative that offers most of the same features and some more advanced features on top of that, you might want to look into Productive. Whether you run a digital agency, a software agency, or any other kind of project-based business, Productive is here to help.

Productive is an all-in-one agency management software that’ll help you run a profitable business. With Productive, you’ll be able to track daily tasks, deliver client projects on time, create detailed reports that’ll help you make data-driven decisions. As a business owner, you’ll be have an overview of the entire company and your teams will be able to collaborate on projects and tasks without the need for other tools.

Project Management

With the project management feature in Productive, you can plan out your projects from conception to completion. Projects can be broken down into tasks and to dos that can then be assigned to people that need to do them. There’s also an option for setting up repeating tasks for anything that needs to be done on a recurring basis. 

Deliver your client projects on time

With the project management feature in Productive, you can plan out your projects from conception to completion. Projects can be broken down into tasks and to dos that can then be assigned to people that need to do them. There’s also an option for setting up repeating tasks for anything that needs to be done on a recurring basis. 

Time Tracking

Time tracking in Productive was created to be as easy and painless as possible. In tasks, there’s a built-in time tracking feature that tracks your time on a specific project or task once you hit start. If you like to do things manually, you still have the option to fill in your timesheet by yourself at the end of the day. 

Resource Planning

Whether you’re planning out schedules for a development or a marketing team, you’ll be able to see who’s working on which project and for how long, who can take on more work, who’s booked vacation or time off, and much more. With proper resource management, it’s easier to achieve optimal utilization and keep things moving in the right direction. 

capacity planning made easier

Budgeting & Reporting

With Budgeting you can make sure you’re always on top of your project budgets and track profitability as you go. You can forecast your revenue and check when you’re about to go over budget. 

gain valuable REports in just a few clicks

With Productive’s reporting tool, you can make reports and data-driven decisions that are based on real-time business intelligence. You can choose from the readily available report templates or you can make your own reports that are tailored to your agency’s needs

Project Collaboration

Docs are the new team collaboration feature. You can plan your tasks, projects, write or scribble alongside your colleagues. All of your important project related information is in one place and easily updated and accessible to anyone that needs it. 

Additional Features

Other useful features for agencies in Productive include Sales and Billing. Productive also has active integrations with HubSpot, Jira, Slack, QuickBooks, Xero, and many more. 


  • Plans start with the Essential plan at $9 per user per month, which includes essential features such as budgeting, project & task management, docs, time tracking, expense management, reporting, and time off management.
  • The Professional plan includes custom fields, recurring budgets, advanced reports, billable time approvals, and many more for $24 per user per month.
  • The Ultimate plan has everything that the Essential plan and Professional plan offer, along with the HubSpot integration, advanced forecasting, advanced custom fields, overhead calculations, and more for a custom price.
  • You can also check out the Enterprise Plan with custom pricing for companies that would include more than 50 active users per month.

You can go for a free 14-day free trial before you decide to check out a paid plan.

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2. Scoro – A Solid Project Management Application for Agile Teams

Scoro is a comprehensive business management software that combines project management, collaboration, time tracking, and CRM features. With Scoro, agencies can streamline their operations, automate workflows, and gain valuable insights into their business processes.

Key Features:

  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Centralized task and time management
  • Built-in time tracking
  • CRM functionality to manage client relationships and sales
  • Real-time reports and analytics

SOurce: scoro

Scoro offers a lot of customization options, allowing agencies to modify the software to their specific workflows. However, because of the scale and the complexity of the tool itself, the initial setup and onboarding process of Scoro can be time-consuming and complex for agencies. Additionally, the software’s pricing can be on the higher side for small agencies.

3. Suitedash – A Fair Task Management Solution

Suitedash is an all-in-one project management and client portal software designed to improve agency collaboration and client communication. It provides a centralized platform for agencies to manage projects, tasks, invoices, and client interactions.

Key Features:

  • Project and task management with customizable workflows
  • Client portal for secure communication and file sharing
  • Time tracking and billing integration
  • Built-in CRM and client management

Source: suitedash

Suitedash offers a clean and intuitive user interface, making it easy for agencies and clients to navigate and collaborate. Some users may find Suitedash’s reporting and analytics capabilities to be relatively limited compared to other alternatives.

4. HubSpot – A Good Choice for Service Providers

HubSpot is a well-known marketing automation and CRM platform that provides robust project management capabilities for agencies. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage marketing campaigns, track client interactions, and streamline project workflows.

Key Features:

  • Project planning, task assignment, and progress tracking
  • Collaborative team workspace and file sharing
  • Marketing automation and lead management
  • Client communication and ticketing system

source: hubspot

HubSpot’s seamless integration with its marketing automation and CRM functionalities allows agencies to align their project management efforts with their overall marketing strategies. There are almost limitless options when it comes to customization in HubSpot. While HubSpot offers project management capabilities, some agencies may find its feature set more focused on marketing and sales functions. This is why it’s a tool is usually used alongside other agency management tools.

5. Wrike – A Good Enterprise Resource Management Software

Wrike is a popular project management platform that provides teams with a flexible and scalable platform to manage projects, tasks, and collaboration. It offers a range of features suitable for agencies of all sizes, from small creative teams to large marketing agencies.

Key Features:

  • Project planning and resource management
  • Kanban boards and Gantt charts for visual project tracking
  • Task assignment and progress monitoring
  • Enterprise resource planning

source: wrike

Wrike’s intuitive interface and customizable project workflows make it easy for agencies to adapt the software to their specific needs. Despite its strengths, Wrike’s pricing model may be a drawback for some agencies, moreover, the learning curve can be steep for users who are new to project management software.

6. Avaza – A Fair Task Planning Platform

Avaza is a cloud-based project management and collaboration tool that caters to the needs of agencies. It offers features such as task management, time tracking, expense management, and invoicing, all in one integrated platform.

Key Features:

  • Project planning and task assignment with customizable workflows
  • Time tracking and expense management for accurate project billing
  • Invoicing and financial management
  • Collaboration and file sharing with clients and team members

source: avaza

Avaza provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making it suitable for agencies looking for a smooth experience. While Avaza covers many project management aspects, some agencies may find its reporting capabilities limited compared to more specialized tools. For more info check out our guide about Avaza alternatives.

7. Kantata – One of The Better Alternatives to Accelo for Marketing Teams

Kantata is a project management platform tailored specifically for creative agencies, offering features to enhance collaboration, workflow management, and project tracking. It focuses on providing an intuitive interface and seamless communication for creative teams.

Key Features:

  • Project planning and task management with visual timelines
  • Collaboration tools for real-time feedback and file sharing
  • Resource management and workload balancing
  • Time tracking and invoicing integration

source: kantata

Kantata’s user-friendly interface and visual timelines make it particularly suitable for creative agencies. Its focus on collaboration and feedback enables efficient communication within project teams. Kantata may not offer as many advanced project management features as other tools, making it less suitable for agencies with complex project requirements and integration options may also be limited.

8. Bigtime – A Solid Professional Services Automation Solution

Bigtime is a comprehensive professional services automation software designed to streamline agency operations, including project management, time tracking, billing, and resource management. It caters to agencies of all sizes, offering robust features and customization options.

Key Features:

  • Project planning and task management with customizable workflows
  • Time and expense tracking for accurate project costing
  • Invoicing and financial management with customizable billing rates
  • Resource management tool

source: bigtime

Bigtime’s emphasis on professional services automation sets it apart, making it highly suitable for agencies with complex billing structures. The software’s customizable features and integrations allow agencies to adapt it to their specific workflows. Some users may find the initial setup and configuration process of Bigtime to be time-consuming and complex. Also, the interface may not be as visually appealing or intuitive as other alternatives. To learn more, check out our article about Bigtime alternatives.

9. Monday – A Good Collaborative Platform for Companies of All Sizes

Monday is a visual project management tool that offers an intuitive interface and extensive customization options. It provides agencies with features to plan, track, and collaborate on projects, allowing for improved team coordination.

Key Features:

  • Visual project boards for task organization and progress tracking
  • Team collaboration and communication tools
  • File sharing and document management
  • Time tracking and workload management

source: monday

Monday’s visual approach to project management simplifies task tracking and improves team visibility. The software’s flexibility and customization options enable agencies to tailor it to their specific project management needs. While Monday excels in visual project management, it may lack some of the more advanced features offered by other tools. The pricing structure can also be a drawback for agencies with larger teams or complex project requirements.

10. ClickUp – A Good Collaborative Work Management Solution

ClickUp is a versatile project management tool that offers a wide range of features to streamline agency workflows. It combines task management, collaboration, and automation capabilities in a unified platform.

Key Features:

  • Task management with customizable views (list, board, calendar, etc.)
  • Collaboration tools including comments, mentions, and file sharing
  • Time tracking and productivity monitoring
  • Workflow automation with customizable templates and task dependencies

source: clickup

ClickUp’s extensive feature set and flexibility make it suitable for agencies of all sizes and industries. Its intuitive interface and customizable views allow agencies to adapt the software to their preferred workflow style. Some users may find ClickUp’s learning curve to be steep, especially when exploring advanced features. Additionally, the sheer number of options and customization possibilities can be overwhelming for new users.

11. FunctionFox – A Good Choice for Agile Teams

FunctionFox is a project management and timesheet software designed specifically for creative teams and agencies. It focuses on simplifying project tracking, time management, and resource allocation.

Key Features:

  • Project and task management with customizable project phases
  • Timesheet and expense tracking for accurate project costing
  • Resource allocation and team collaboration
  • Reporting and analytics on project performance and team productivity

source: functionfox

FunctionFox’s streamlined interface and simplified project tracking make it easy for agencies to manage their projects efficiently. The software’s emphasis on timesheet management and resource allocation ensures better project cost control. FunctionFox’s feature set may be limited compared to more comprehensive project management tools. Some users may find the reporting capabilities to be less robust and customizable than other alternatives.

12. OmniFocus – A Solid Option for Digital Agencies

OmniFocus is a task management tool designed for individuals and teams seeking a solution for personal and professional productivity. It offers a range of features to capture, organize, and prioritize tasks effectively.

Key Features:

  • Task capture and organization with tags, due dates, and priorities
  • Project and task templates for streamlined workflow creation
  • Integration with calendar and email applications
  • Focus mode for improved productivity and concentration

source: omnifocus

OmniFocus excels in providing a focused and customizable task management experience. Its intuitive interface and powerful organizational features make it a preferred choice for individuals and small teams. OmniFocus may lack certain collaborative features necessary for agency-level project management and team coordination. Its design, optimized for individual productivity, may not be as suitable for large-scale agency operations.

13. Notion – A Popular Collaborative Platform

Notion is a versatile all-in-one workspace that combines project management, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing features. It allows agencies to create customizable databases, wikis, and task boards to suit their unique requirements.

Key Features:

  • Customizable task and project boards with flexible views
  • Document and knowledge management with collaborative editing
  • Integration of databases, tables, and calendars for information organization
  • Team collaboration and communication tools

source: notion

Notion’s flexibility and adaptability make it a powerful tool for agencies seeking a customizable workspace. Its extensive template library and cross-platform compatibility enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing. Notion’s learning curve may be steeper compared to more specialized project management tools. While it offers a broad range of features, some agencies may find its project management capabilities to be less comprehensive.

14. HarmonyPSA – A Solid Professional Service Automation Solution

HarmonyPSA is a professional services automation tool that caters specifically to managed services providers and IT consulting firms. It combines project management, resource planning, billing, and helpdesk functionalities in a single platform.
Key Features:

  • Project planning and task management with Gantt charts
  • Resource scheduling and allocation
  • Helpdesk ticketing system for issue tracking and resolution
  • Reporting and analytics on project profitability

source: harmonypsa

HarmonyPSA offers a suite of features made specifically for managing services providers and IT consulting firms. Its integrated helpdesk functionality ensures efficient issue tracking and resolution, while its financial management capabilities support accurate billing and project profitability analysis. HarmonyPSA’s industry-specific focus may limit its suitability for agencies operating outside the managed services and IT consulting domains. Some users may find the interface to be less intuitive compared to other project management tools.

15. GanttPRO – A Fair Visual Project Management Solution

GanttPRO is a project management tool that specializes in Gantt chart visualization and planning. It lets agencie create and manage projects using interactive timelines by facilitating task dependencies and resource allocation.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive Gantt chart interface for visual project planning and tracking
  • Task management with dependencies and milestones
  • Resource allocation and workload balancing
  • Team collaboration and file sharing

source: gantt

GanttPRO’s strength lies in its advanced Gantt chart capabilities, allowing agencies to visualize project timelines and dependencies with ease. The software’s interactive interface and planning features enhance project coordination. Agencies that are looking for a more comprehensive project management solution may find GanttPRO’s feature are limited compared to other tools. Its primary focus on Gantt charts may not fully address the diverse needs of all agency workflows.


While Accelo is a popular choice for agencies, exploring alternative tools can help agencies find solutions that better align with their specific needs.

We’ve mentioned more than a few Accelo alternatives in this article and each comes with unique features and strengths that help streamline agency operations. Whether you want to see your strategic initiatives through from start to finish, or just need a simple time tracking or file management tool, we’re sure you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. You can also check out some other software comparison pages to compare price, check out other competitors and more.

If you’re interested in an all-in-one agency management tool you should consider booking a demo with Productive.

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