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In progress

Sales pipeline improvements

Multiple pipelines, deal redesign, etc


Improved project notes system. Collaborate with your teammates to create a knowledge base for projects, both client and internal.

Views sharing

Share your views in Tasks screen with other people or groups.

Hubspot integration

Sync your data between Productive and Hubspot.

Automated Invoicing

Invoice retainer budgets automatically.

Tracking time on sales deals

Log hours directly on sales deals.

Sharing system

Manage access to projects, budgets, docs, etc., and decide who can view or edit projects, docs and more.


With a new type of task mark specific points in time or important deliverables and track project progress.

Payment reminders

Send payment reminders to your clients.

Overhead per subsidiary

Track your overhead more granular, per each subsidiary.


You’ll be able to choose from one or more templates for your projects, budgets, and more.

Required custom fields

Set up mandatory custom fields for Tasks, Projects…

New navigation

Revamped main navigation, tailored for each permission level

Flexible permission system

Adding more flexibility when assigning user permissions.

Time tracking

Improved Day View will make time tracking easier

New filters

Use Teams as a filter in Scheduling

Additional HR integrations

CharlieHR and Factorial coming soon

Invoice percentage of a budget

Invoice 50% of a budget – or any other percentage

Person custom field

Assign person-type custom field to Tasks, Projects and more.


Future budgets

Create series of recurring budgets upfront, schedule people on them and have better overview of your expected future income.

Prepayment invoice

You will be able to issue invoices for the payments in advance.

Multisource insights

Combine two or more data sources in one insight.

Breathe HR integration

Sync time off from Breate HR to Productive.

Proposal builder

Build high-quality quotes/proposals directly from Productive, embed pricing tables and autogenerate PDFs.

Tentative bookings

Manage your resources with tentative bookings for jobs that are still not confirmed but might happen in the future.

Multilevel dropdown for easier Time tracking

A multilevel dropdown will enable you to search and select the project, budget and service with just one click when time tracking.

Gantt view

Plan your project in phases and track progress by visualizing the work that needs to be done by using milestones and task dependencies.

Show task dependencies in timeline

See connections between your tasks in the timeline view.

Humaans integration

Sync time off from Humaans to Productive.

From Big Milestones To Small Fixes

Find out what’s new in Productive.

From Big Milestones To Small Fixes

Find out what’s new in Productive.

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