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Budget templates

Create a Budget and save it as a template in Productive Template center. 

Views sharing

Share your views in Tasks screen with other people or groups.

Scenario builder

Create scenarios for deals and budgets to forecast costs and calculate profitability.

Workload view

A new view for tasks that visualises the amount of work each team member is assigned during the selected time period.

Sage integration

Connect your Sage accounting account to Productive.

Task templates

Save a Task as a template in the Template center.

Automatically move dependent tasks

Automatically update the date ranges of the subsequent dependent tasks.

Tax codebook

Add multiple tax rates.

Custom permissions

Create your own permission sets for teammates.

Automations relative conditions and variables

Relative conditions and variables, automations in budgets and deals screen more

Internal budgeting

Define a budget for internal projects and track costs. 

Projects sharing

Share a project with a person, a team or all the employees in your company. Assign them as collaborators or viewers.

Custom Document Styler

Apply different styles on existing document templates (custom fonts, colours and other properties)

Copy settings from previous invoice

On each new invoice for the same client have the settings used on the last invoice created for the said client 

Ask AI in Docs

Create a custom prompt, summarize or translate a text, create action points etc. All that from within a page in Docs.

Resourcing notifications

Get notified when someone creates or updates your booking.


Automated invoicing

Invoice retainer budgets automatically.

Prepayment invoice

Issue invoices for the payments in advance.

Sales pipeline improvements

Multiple pipelines, redesigned deals…

Notes widget on the Dashboard

A widget where you can add notes.

Proposal builder

Build high-quality quotes/proposals directly from Productive, embed pricing tables and autogenerate PDFs.

Task comment improvements

Moving task comments to new editor, backlinks support, emoji support and more

Organization champions

Define key people in your Productive organization. (e.g. invoicing champion).

Custom permissions improvements

Impersonate permission set, Client as a base permission set, additional permissions and more

Automations improvements

Relative conditions and variables, dependent task automations and more

Sharing improvements

Better handling of memberships, show warnings on user level if some user have restricted access to specific object

Recurring expenses

Create recurring expenses that will be automatically created in the future.

Employees view

View and manage all employees in one place, separate from the contacts.

Retainer rollover hours

Transfer unspent hours from the previous month to the next month’s budget in recurring instances.

Adding a new widget from scratch

Add a new widget from scratch to a Dashboard. Choose a data source, fields and filters.

Table of contents in a page in Docs

A block that creates table of contents from the headings available on the page.

Share a Doc with a public link

Share Docs with people outside your organisation.

Docs templates

Save a Doc as a template in the Template center.

Overhead per subsidiary

Calculate overhead for each subsidiary separately. 

Sensitive custom fields

Define which custom fields are sensitive and which users should be able to see them. Ensure that sensitive custom fields data is visible only to specific users. 

Automations relative fields

Use relative assignee or relative date in automations conditions and actions.

Metadata in export

Show additional data in exported file (i.e. company logo, filters applied …)

Xero expenses push

Push expenses from Productive to Xero

Invoice bulk export to accounting tools

Export invoices to accounting tools for each organization in bulk

Time off approval policies

Set up time off approval policies that can be easily assigned to multiple people and managed from one place

Budget overview tab

An overview of important information about your budget.

Search improvements

Highlight documents after search, improvements in mentions – possibility to show closed/archived items and more

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From Big Milestones To Small Fixes

Find out what’s new in Productive.

From Big Milestones To Small Fixes

Find out what’s new in Productive.