Vizualize the Future of Your Agency

From budget burns and profit to utilization rates and revenue – Productive shows you exactly where your business is headed.

Predict When a Budget Could Run Out of Money

Forecast overruns and switch from the Budgeting to Profitability view to check your spending and future profit margins.

karla vincheva

Productive is very budget-oriented. It made us more aware of overall productivity and project health.

Anticipate Capacity Planning Changes

Schedule Work Further Into the Future

Schedule your team’s work for months in advance and drive growth using real-time data.

Forecast Your Actual Hiring Needs

Make data-driven hiring decisions with more accurate time tracking, resource plans and reports.

Maintain Ideal Team Utilization

Peek into your current and future billable utilization by month, person or team at any moment.

Users Love Productive

Running a profitable agency shouldn’t imply using endless tools and platforms—we believe that you need only one.

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Never Lose Focus on
Revenue and Profitability

Start Projecting Your Sales Revenue

Learn how much revenue you will convert by a certain date. Zoom in on your pipeline to focus on your best opportunities.

Profitability Forecasts Ready at a Glance

See what your forecasted profit will be per a single budget, or check your entire agency’s forecasted profit.

Coming Soon: Scenario Builder

Run possibe financial outcomes with Productive’s upcoming Scenario Builder. Learn how expenses and resource allocation affect different scenarios.

See the Big Picture or Zoom In on Details

Approve Vacation Requests

When a teammate requests time off, their manager needs to approve it in Productive

Time Off Automatically Becomes Part of Your Resource Plans

As soon as a Time of request is approved, use a filter to see which teammates are on leave

Achieve Your Agency’s True Potential

Switch from multiple tools and spreadsheets to one scalable agency management system.