Track Workloads and Improve Utilization

Manage your team’s daily and weekly workload using an easy-to-read layout. Prevent burnout and improve team efficiency.

Create More Balanced Workloads

Check each team member’s daily and weekly project workload with multiple task assignments visible at a glance. Easily identify which team member may be overloaded or underutilized through color-coded indicators.

Delegate To Ensure Smooth Progress

Reassign tasks to different teammates to manage realistic delivery expectations. See how personal time off and holidays impact your weekly schedule and adjust due dates accordingly.

Better Planning with Time Estimates

Add time estimates to tasks to create realistic timelines. These estimates are then deducted from the person’s daily capacity to provide a clearer view of their workload.

What’s My Time to Complete?

As work progresses, compare estimated time with actual time spent. Visualize the progress in real time to make informed decisions.

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