Allocate Work Smarter and Keep Your Projects on Track

Become better at planning your resources. Gain insight into financial forecasting. Take project work and time off into account when planning your capacity.

Who’s Busy and Who Needs More Work?

Balance your team’s workload with ease. See who’s booked and who can take on more work. Quickly check who’s on vacation or out sick.

Orion Jensen
CEO, Clear Launch

Our project management team looks at all their projects and balances all their resources and sees if we have any holes or if we’re fighting over the same resources.

Book Upcoming Work With Placeholders

Use placeholders to create scenarios for hiring additional staff or contractors. Get a better overview of upcoming costs.

Schedule Teammates to Make Time Tracking Easier

Book time in advance to spare teammates the task of tracking. Suggestions from Resourcing will then pop up and make filling out timesheets faster than ever.

Plan First, Confirm Later With Tentative Bookings

Plan ahead with tentative bookings by creating a rough resource plan for new business or active project work.

Users Love Productive

Running a profitable agency shouldn’t imply using endless tools and platforms—we believe that you need only one.

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No Need for an HR Tool To Manage Time Off

Approve Vacation Requests

When a teammate requests time off, their manager needs to approve it in Productive.

Time Off Automatically Syncs With Resource Planning

As soon as a Time off request is approved, you can use a filter to see which teammates are on leave.

Eliminate Double Work—Connect to Your Current HR Management Tool

If you’re already using an HR software, create an integration to save time. Learn more about Productive Integrations.

Quickly Approve Vacation Entries

With the bulk approve option there’s no need to accept each entry individually.

Key Operations
In One Place

Forecast Utilization, Budget Overruns and Future Profit

Visualize and forecast utilization per different metrics in real time. Make your hiring and investments easier and back them up with data.

Group Resources by Skills, Teams, Departments…

Use custom fields to split resources up by team, skill, seniority, and more. Filter views by project, client, or any other parameter to simplify high-level planning.

Eliminate Double Work —Connect to Your Current HR Management Tool

If you already use HR software, create an integration to save time. Learn more about Productive Integrations.

Achieve Your Agency’s True Potential

Plan your resources smarter with one scalable agency management system.