Time Off Management Synced With the Rest of Your Agency

Vacation? Sabbatical? Someone out sick? Plan your team’s time efficiently, no matter who’s in or who’s out.

Capacity Planning Connected With Time Off

When Time off requests are approved, they automatically sync with your resource planning.

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The biggest game-changer for us was being able to link scheduling with estimates and budgets. Productive has enabled us to pick things up and get ahead of the game.

Human Resources: Cut Down on Administrative Work

Seamlessly handle HR-related paperwork for multiple offices. Assign public holidays, paid and unpaid leave directly in Productive.

Teammates: Request Any Type of Leave In a Few Clicks

Booking time off is made smooth in Productive. Request your type of leave and automatically see how many days off you have left.

Managers: See How Time Off Affects Resource Planning

When you get a time off request, check how it will affect resourcing. Simply approve or deny requests, with or without a note.

Users Love Productive

Running a profitable agency shouldn’t imply using endless tools and platforms—we believe that you need only one.

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No Need for an HR Tool To Manage Time Off

Say Goodbye to Excel Sheets

There’s no need to handle employees’ time off data in Excel anymore. Everything can be managed in Productive.

Reduce the Number of Tools You’re Paying

Save money and time by canceling your third-party Time off or HR management tools.

If Needed, Connect to Your Current HR Tool

Already using an HR software? Create an integration to sync data and eliminate double work. Learn more about Productive Integrations.

How Does Booked Time Off Affect Capacity Planning and Budgets?

Get Resource Planning 
Back on Track

If a teammate is absent, their project allocation becomes unavailable. Easily reassign available teammates.

Check How Absence Influences Profitability

See how allocating different teammates will change your budget usage and margins.

Achieve Your Agency’s True Potential

Switch from multiple tools and spreadsheets to one scalable agency management system.