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How Productive Calculates Your Estimation

To calculate the value of your agency, we use our custom-made methodology built and reviewed by valuation experts. Key input includes both quantitative and qualitative data.

What Data We Need To Estimate Your Value

To calculate the value of your agency, we need some specific data from your business:

  • Revenue and Income
  • Services and Pricing
  • Client concentration
  • Management and growth readiness
  • Reputation score

Security, Privacy and Benchmarking

Any information you enter into the Agency Valuation Calculator by Productive will be stored on secure servers. Productive does not disclose or sell any information provided by your agency. Your data may be used for benchmarking purposes in the future.


Need Help With Selling or Growing Your Agency?

Our trusted partners are companies that can help you take the next steps towards selling or growing your agency.

Madison Alley was founded nearly 20 years ago as the world’s first M&A and capital advisory firm exclusively serving the digital marketing, advertising, media and commerce industry.

Cactus is a European corporate M&A advisory and growth consultancy that has supported over 3,500 agencies in the digital and creative sectors on growth, exit planning and sale in the past 10 years.

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