Define and Report Recognized Revenue Accurately

Recognizing revenue on fixed projects has never been easier—get maximum clarity from your financial reports.

What Is Revenue Recognition?

Revenue recognition is an accounting principle that explains when revenue is counted as earned. As you grow as an agency, this becomes essential. Through recognition of earned revenue, you can: 

Get a more accurate overview of your fixed fee revenue

Understand which financial items contribute to recognized revenue 

Stay aware of spikes in profit and loss 

Revenue Reports, Done Right

No more inaccuracies in your financial data. Align reporting with your Finance and Accounting teams, and choose between two ways of reporting revenue from fixed services; spread across time or recognized on a single date.


“The reporting in Productive isn’t like anything I’ve ever seen in any other system. It’s extremely powerful.“

Achieve Your Agency’s True Potential

Switch from multiple tools and spreadsheets to one scalable agency management system.

Recognize Revenue on Fixed Price Projects

Recognize revenue from time entries and expenses on fixed price projects, regardless of how much has been invoiced.

Communicate With Stakeholders

Share accurate reports with teammates, board members, partners or consultants. 

Make Strategic Decisions

Looking to invest, hire or acquire? Make decisions based on validated reporting.