Calculate Your Billable Hours

Find out your billable hours, team utilization rate, and ideal billable hourly rate, and gain insights through a personalized report with our free billable hours calculator.

Measure Your Billable Hours

Check out how effectively your agency’s employees are spending their time on billable tasks.

Find Out Your Ideal Billable Rate

The optimal billing rate for a professional services agency allows it to cover its costs, generate profit, and stay competitive.

Is Productive For Agencies?

Productive is an agency management system that arms 1,200+ agencies with a real-time overview of their business.


How Productive Calculates Your Billable Hours and Utilization Metrics

Do you run a marketing agency? If you’re in the business of software development, consulting, or other digital services, we’ve also got you covered. To calculate your billable time, team utilization rate, and ideal billable hourly rate, we use our custom-made methodology built by agency industry experts. Key input includes both quantitative and qualitative data.

What Data We Need To Calculate Billable Hours Rate Metrics

To calculate your Billable hours and other metrics, we need data on:

  • Your average number of available and billable hours per employee
  • Your average labor cost per employee
  • Your average overhead cost per employee
  • Your optimal profit margin per employee


Security, Privacy and Benchmarking

Any information you enter into the calculator will be stored on secure servers. Productive does not disclose or sell any information provided by your agency. The data you submit for the calculator may be used for benchmarking purposes in the future.

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