Time Is Money, We Show You Where It’s Going

Productive’s Time Tracking allows your team to find the best way to track time and is easy to use. Time tracking directly impacts budget spend, revenue, and profitability tracking.

Multiple Ways To Track Time

Pick between different ways of logging work hours.

Track Time and Check Your Agency’s Profitability

As people track billable and non-billable time against services, profitability is displayed in reports.

Achieve Your Agency’s True Potential

Switch from multiple tools and spreadsheets to one scalable agency management system.

Quickly Approve Time Entries or Request Changes

Decide whether employee hours are billable or not using time approvals. Ask team members for more details on time entries when submitted.

No Need for an HR Tool To Manage Time Off

Approve Vacation Request

When a teammate requests time off, their manager needs to approve it in Productive.

Time Off Automatically Becomes Part of Your Resource Plans

As soon as a Time off request is approved, use a filter to see which teammates are on leave.

Connect Your Jira Workflow With Productive

Integrate time tracking on projects in Jira with the rest of your agency business