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July 2024

BLOG POST • JUL 11 2024

Productive Updates June: New Automations, Status Sync, Simple Budget Editor

As we head into summer season, we’re still not exactly backing down when it comes to new feature we released in June.

VIDEO • JUL 9 2024

Track Daily and Weekly Workload (BETA)

Now you can check your team’s daily and weekly workload and use it to improve utilization.

Using Workload, you can check estimated and worked time per each task, which is then compared to the person’s availability. If a teammate has too many Tasks on their hand, you’ll notice a visual warning. On the other hand, you’ll also see if they need more work. Read this article to learn more.


New Features

  • Added warnings for bulk creation of tasks, subtasks and to-dos
  • Deal multiple sales pipelines
  • Separated discount and subscription price for billing display


  • Updated Docs breadcrumbs to support right-click and command-click for better navigation
  • Updated copy on info label for invoice note and document template note with info about using custom fields as variables on those notes for document templates

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed rounding quantity on invoice wizard for invoicing percentage method
  • Fixed RegEx for line item description
  • Fixed an issue with default budget tracking types.
  • There was an issue with bulk actions on deals where an error would appear
  • Improved flash error message when editing a booking through booking form in Resourcing
  • Remove duplicated filter fields in C&A report
  • The invoice wizard’s preview request regex should interpolate items with a dash in its expression and use ‘:’

June 2024

VIDEO • JUN 27 2024

New in Time Off: Status Sync, Time Off Tab, Attachment Upload

You can set your status in Productive to let your teammates know if you’re in the office, working from home or absent. Now the status will sync automatically with your time off categories, meaning that your teammates will instantly know if you’re off.

You can also add attachments when requesting time off – perfect for documentation HR might request. Also, we’ve added the Time Off tab to Profiles, where you’ll find all the booked time off.


New Features

  • Added confirmation for adding large amounts of subscribers to tasks


  • Workload person groups collapsible state will be saved
  • Turning the expenses sync on the Xero integration will now also turn on the payments section on the expense form.
  • Enable to create an invoice without a tax rate

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix displaying filtered people on Company time by person custom field
  • Closed tasks will be ignored in gantt when”Move dependent tasks” is enabled
  • Fixed project bookings calculated in workload layout availability
  • Prevents unhelpful bugsnags.
  • Load only one invoice from the client company on the invoice wizard so the loading screen will be faster
  • Fixed small issue with beta Advanced filters feature.
  • Fix an issue where user couldn’t add custom field to a placeholder if all custom fields were used
  • Prevents unhelpful bugsnags
  • Fixed filtering by assignees in timeline layout
  • Fixed an issue with pipeline picker that would sometimes show incorrect values
  • Fix Person type duplicate filter on C&A report
  • Fix displaying filtered people on Company time by person custom field
  • Closed tasks will be ignored in gantt when”Move dependent tasks” is enabled
  • Fixed loss of attachment when task is updated in timeline layout
  • Fix an issue when making a change on a new public view on resourcing did not show Save changes button
  • Fixed an issue where Docs weren’t editable in an impersonate session with write access

May 2024

BLOG POST • Jun 14 2024

Productive Updates May: Budget Templates, Automations, Time Off

This May, we’ve introduced several updates designed to make your work more efficient. From budget templates to enhanced Permission sets, we’ve made it easier to manage projects and collaborate with clients. Plus, our latest Automations and Time off improvements will save you loads of time.

VIDEO • DEC 18 2023

Parakeeto and Productive: Time Tracking – Best Practices

Watch our webinar with Marcel Petitpas, CEO & Co-Founder of Parakeeto and learn all about the importance of time tracking in the agency world. In this webinar, we covered the main reasons agencies struggle with time tracking and how to fix them.

RELEASE NOTES • may 2024

New Features

  • You can now get a notification when a deal or budget is shared with you. This can be toggled in Notification settings.
  • Added new time entry report fields – last activity and last actor
  • Added reminder option for task start date in notification settings
  • Dependency & description updates for budget (job) bookings permissions
  • Inside automations, relative people labels should be a bit easier to understand now
  • Users can now use Invoice attributes inside automations conditions
  • Added Section group to nested service picker
  • You can now choose to copy expenses on recurring budgets
  • Graph on the C&A report is now visible without the need for grouping


  • When creating automation, users can now select a new trigger type – Invoice and mention its attributes. Invoice conditions are WIP.
  • Users can now see trigger and project labels on automation cell
  • The linked status of an app in the marketplace is now communicated with a label in the upper right corner.
  • Closed tasks in Gantt will appear as crossed
  • Inside automations, users can now mention 5 more invoice attributes: Aging, State, Copied to accounting, Payment status, Sent status
  • Weekends will be skipped when moving tasks in Gantt by extending tasks to the first working day
  • Added attachments button to Time off approvals screen
  • Added attachments in Edit booking form on Book time off screen
  • Displayed duration for tasks with an initial estimate that fall on non-working days in workload layout
  • Implemented recaptcha on the registration route
  • When inviting new people to an organization, users will no longer have to enter their cost rate

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue with background color inside text attachment preview on dark mode
  • Fixed an issue where editing fields in Resourcing and saving them into a view would not have any effect
  • Added filter for fetching current user’s and watched user’s service cross section
  • Prevented active timers from other users in organization to be visible in header
  • Fixed position of docs toolbar on mobile devices
  • Fixed missing table headers in Resourcing
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the page to become unresponsive when interacting with the timeline view
  • Double clicking on the connect calendar integration button will no longer create an extra “Unknown account” integration
  • Fixed an issue on line/area charts where tooltips were not displaying when hovering over data point which lies on vertical axis
  • Fixed a bug where error on booking form would move Date range field
  • Updated copy on Approvals notifications section in Settings
  • Allowed inline editing the “Delivered date” field in budgets table only when the budget is delivered/closed
  • Fixed replacing uploaded attachment with generated attachment
  • Made the “Rate” field mandatory when creating a new rate in a rate card
  • Fixed loading subpages if page is duplicated
  • Update the person’s company or deal’s company/deal status and disable external sync
  • Fixed moving behaviour on dependent tasks in Gantt if the parent task is resized
  • Default deal status for win or lose button will come from the same pipeline if exists
  • Deal won and lost dates will now show correctly when deals are closed
  • Fixed a bug on Simple editor which caused resulting tracking restriction changes to not be applied on the budget
  • Fixed a bug on budget creation when Simple mode is enabled in settings, but currently unavailable
  • The board picker will scroll accordingly when items are being dragged
  • Fixed a bug where users couldn’t add attachments to expenses, bills and document templates
  • While deleting released flag if block was deleted for persisted bookings.
  • Fixed a bug when adding a new booking on a service on a projectless deal or budget.
  • Lock icon in company time header aligned to the other elements
  • Added feature status check for adding new pipelines
  • Added probability per stage feature info
  • Reverted crossed services for persons
  • Added missing data when winning a deal and creating a budget from it
  • Added warning for approved time entry delete action in Budget Time view
  • Fixed Jira worklog timestamp on time entry save
  • Adding missing cost rate button now opens cost rate form
  • Fixed issue with query includes for custom & formula fields.

April 2024