Eliminate Hours Spent on Invoicing

Automatically track invoiced amounts and be confident you’ve billed everything you need. Simply generate invoices using tracked time on billable services.

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Create Invoices In a Couple of Clicks, Whether Fixed-Price or Hourly

Saving time is the name of the game. Pull in uninvoiced time tracked on hourly priced projects, or automatically invoice remaining amounts on fixed projects.

lore hamilton
Program Manager, rietta

Between the recurring templates that I use and standard line item options, doing invoicing for 30-40 clients each month takes me a couple of hours, tops.

Invoicing Flexibility

Combine various projects and services and invoice multiple budgets at once.

Bill an Entire Project, or a Part of It

Decide how much of an original budget you need to get paid for.

Retainer Invoicing

Forget thinking about it. Let Productive remind you that your recurring budgets are ready for invoicing.

Achieve Your Agency’s True Potential

Switch from multiple tools and spreadsheets to one scalable agency management system.

Get a High-level View of Your Invoicing

Peek into invoicing reports to see data such as:

amounts already invoiced

amounts left for invoicing

overdue amounts

Perfect For Agencies That Operate Globally

Support For Multiple Subsidiaries In One Account

Easily separate how you will manage your accounting per each branch.

Invoice in Multiple Currencies

Pay or receive payments in multiple currencies by combining them in the same invoice.

Track and Pay Expenses In Different Currencies

The currency your budgets are in can be different from the currency of your additional expenses.

Achieve Your Agency’s True Potential

Switch from multiple tools and spreadsheets to one scalable agency management system.

Let Your Invoices Keep Your Agency’s Look and Feel

Send custom branded invoices from Productive and set up payment reminders.

Create Branded Invoices and Send Them From Your Company Email

Design invoices to fit your agency’s branding. Send branded invoices using your work email, directly from Productive.

Automatic Payment Reminders Make Sure Invoices Get Paid On Time

Set up a custom email sequence and politely remind clients of any outstanding invoices. Once an invoice is paid, the reminders stop automatically.

Integrate With the World’s Leading Accounting Tools

Seamlessly automate payments by integrating with your accounting tools—even if you use different platforms in each subsidiary.

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