Productive Monthly Updates: September

Bojan Rendulic

October 6, 2020

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Time flies and we’ve already stepped into the last quarter of this turbulent year.

Here at Productive, things are moving rapidly, too.

In September, we paired updates scheduled in our public roadmap and the feedback we received from our customers and delivered time and money-saving features. Let’s have a look. 

Sales Deal Redesigned

Last month our Sales feature went through quite a revamp. 

The logic behind our improvements in the interface were simple. At the beginning of a sales cycle, you’re mostly focused on communication and tasks that will move a deal forward into the negotiation phase. So we made things easier with two tabs: 

The Feed is your starting tab on all sales deals

The Financial overview is your second tab

Now, day-to-day tasks within sales deals are easier to follow, manage, and move forward. Your sales team can focus on the deals feed or TODO list, while your agency’s management team will easily get an overview of the financial insights tied to deals.

Read more about the redesign of sales deals in our new blog post.

Custom field on Placeholders

With placeholders you can book upcoming work. Now you can even make better projections of your upcoming work by adding a custom field on placeholders. By adding a custom field like business unit, team, or similar, you have more accurate Reports and a better future perspective of financial reporting.

Single Sign-On Support (SSO)

This year we already launched Two-factor Authentication, an advanced security feature. Now, you can make your account even more secure—with Single Sign-On Support (SSO).

Read more about how SSO works in Productive

Payment Sync With Xero and Quickbooks

With this update, you’ll never have to do double invoicing work. When you check that your invoice is paid in Xero or Quickbooks, it’ll automatically sync with Productive and mark the invoice as paid. Eliminate hours spent on invoicing!

Coming Up Soon

In the next couple of months, we’re preparing the following new updates:

Updates in Budget overviews and forecasting charts so it’s easier to see the future of your agency

A new Invoice builder that will help you create more flexible invoices

With our Reports Library and improved Reports , you’ll get more predefined reports to choose from

Defining your own deal probability 

Choosing from dark, light, or standard theme in Productive

Defining your default markup percentage for your out-of-pocket expenses

Setting a start time on tasks

Last, but not least: Using reactions on comments

All these improvements are going to help you run a more efficient and productive team. For any questions, reach out to our Customer Support.

Bojan Rendulic

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