Productive Monthly Updates: December

Stjepan Šandor

January 10, 2023

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December is that special time of the year where the entire month feels festive and work may slow down – but that didn’t stop us from delivering great features.

For the last month of 2022 our focus is on your data, from the way it’s presented to the way it’s calculated. Our goal was for you to spend less time on creating reports, and instead getting the data you need quickly.


With Dashboards, you can gather all the important data about your business in one place. Think of it as the control panel of your agency. Rather than creating a report every time you want to check it, you can create a set of the reports and the data you are interested in the most and just take a look at your Dashboard. What’s more – it gets updated in real time.

You can also create multiple Dashboards, where each one contains different reports.


If you’ve created a Dashboard that could interest multiple people, a good way to share it with them would be to add them to a Team: A manually created group of people that have the same permission level.

Instead of adding people one by one, it’s much easier to share something with an entire team. You could create a company-wide overview, or a specific Dashboard for various departments. Check out this article for more ideas.

For now, you can use Teams when sharing Dashboards, but we plan to add Teams to Projects and to filtering in Scheduling, and later to Docs, our upcoming collaboration and note-taking feature.

New Options for Overhead Costs

If you’re tracking overhead costs (and you probably should, as it makes your profitability numbers more accurate), now you can break down the facility cost to sections.

You can also add custom categories to make cost tracking even more transparent.

We’ve also added the ability to recalculate the overhead cost projection, as previously you could have done it only for the past months – useful if your cost suddenly changes (e.g. you get a new office space).

Wait, There’s More!

On recurring budgets, you can specify if the purchase order number will repeat itself as well

It’s easier to add services when creating a booking in Scheduling or adding an Expense with the redesigned interface

Still To Come

In the next few weeks, you can expect:

Project Templates

Humaans, Factorial and CharlieHR integrations

A brand new type of Custom Field

Docs, our brand new collaboration feature

We’re always looking to make your experience of using Productive better. We’ll keep you updated as we ship more improvements. The following Monthly Updates will arrive at the beginning of February 2023.

For any questions, as always, reach out to our Customer Support.

Stjepan Šandor

Product Marketing Specialist

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