3 Reasons Why Time Tracking Is Like Running

Gabrijela Bosnjak

June 12, 2018

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You wouldn’t expect a software company to give you running advice.

Developers are not known for being in shape, but we do know a thing or two about time-tracking.

I recently started running and immediately saw bizarre similarities between these two.

1. Running and time tracking are healthy for you and your business

Running is the king of cardio. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lowers your chances of a heart attack. In the US alone, one person out of four dies from a heart attack.

Running also helps you fight depression, it increases your endorphin levels — like chocolate, all the while making you more fit at the same time.

It also helps you stay fit and burns calories, but did you know running counts as meditation too? Next time you’re handling a stressful project, take a break and go for a run. You will feel recharged and ready to face whatever comes your way.

When it comes to time tracking, accurate data about how time is spent gives you a clearer insight into costs and profitability.

It also helps you make decisions, important ones like hiring new people, increasing salaries, or heck, moving to a bigger office.

Your delivery dates will be more punctual. All clients appreciate that, right?

Even your employees will love this. The bonuses can now reflect how much time and effort they put into projects and tasks.

2. Time tracking and running are both a thing of habit

Just like running, time-tracking is a thing of habit, and the key to unlocking success is persistence.

It’s all about finding your rhythm. As the famous 90’s song says, Rhythm is a dancer so let it guide you. Running in the morning, or in the evening, with or without music, all of these will create a habit you can’t live without, something like a warm cup of coffee in the morning.

The same goes for time-tracking. You have to find what works for you, but you have to get it done, regardless.

Some of us log their hours at the end of the day, some do it every time they finish a task. In Productive, you can also use timers — find what works for you and stick to it.

A common misconception is that it takes 21 days to form a habit. A health psychology researcher, Philippa Lally, did a study to figure out how long it takes to really form a habit. It turns out, you need two months, or 66 days.

Even after those two months, you might skip a run or two, or forget to track time for a day or two. Just remember, persistence is key.

3. It’s easier than it seems once you start doing it

I’m a natural anti-talent for sports and I honestly hated running, I have never imagined myself as a runner. I’ve always admired people who would pass by me running their 5th mile thinking I could never do it. Until one day, peer-pressured by the fit lifestyle trend, I started doing it as well.

I’ve met many managers who were afraid to implement time-tracking in their businesses. They were afraid of breaking the laid back status quo, or just weren’t ready to face their team’s lack of productivity. Those that implemented time-tracking effectively increased productivity and lowered procrastination after a certain period of time. Everyone gained in the end because they finally cut down overtime, which nobody is a fan of.

Stop putting things off for tomorrow.

Find whatever helps you stick to whichever habit you want to create. You can join a running club or form a support system with your friends. Apps can help too. Download that awesome Nike running app which motivates you after finishing every run. If you are a music junkie, create a killer playlist that pushes you to run that extra mile.

When it comes to time-tracking, Productive is a tool that makes it easier for your team to track time. Not only that, it connects time with finances and keeps your business healthy by giving you amazing profitability insights.

You can track time with a desktop app, within a web browser or even from your mobile phone. Just do it!

Want to form a positive habit for your business, manage your time efficiently and increase profitability? — Sign up for a free 14 days trial here.

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Gabrijela Bosnjak

Senior Business Development Representative

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