BLOG POST • JUL 11 2024

Productive Updates June: New Automations, Status Sync, Simple Budget Editor

As we head into summer season, we’re still not exactly backing down when it comes to new feature we released in June.

VIDEO • JUL 9 2024

Track Daily and Weekly Workload (BETA)

Now you can check your team’s daily and weekly workload and use it to improve utilization.

Using Workload, you can check estimated and worked time per each task, which is then compared to the person’s availability. If a teammate has too many Tasks on their hand, you’ll notice a visual warning. On the other hand, you’ll also see if they need more work. Read this article to learn more.


New Features

  • Added warnings for bulk creation of tasks, subtasks and to-dos
  • Deal multiple sales pipelines
  • Separated discount and subscription price for billing display


  • Updated Docs breadcrumbs to support right-click and command-click for better navigation
  • Updated copy on info label for invoice note and document template note with info about using custom fields as variables on those notes for document templates

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed rounding quantity on invoice wizard for invoicing percentage method
  • Fixed RegEx for line item description
  • Fixed an issue with default budget tracking types.
  • There was an issue with bulk actions on deals where an error would appear
  • Improved flash error message when editing a booking through booking form in Resourcing
  • Remove duplicated filter fields in C&A report
  • The invoice wizard’s preview request regex should interpolate items with a dash in its expression and use ‘:’