BLOG POST • mar 14 2024

Productive Monthly Updates: February

We’ve added significant improvements to resource management so you can get even more from it. You’ll also find improvements in document templates and a brand new integration.

VIDEO • FEB 12 2024

Utilization And Forecasting In Crisis Times

In this webinar hosted by The Agency Collective and Fran Vižintin, BDR at Productive, we covered the metrics that help you run a healthier agency business: utilization, forecasted utilization, revenue forecasting, cost & profit forecasting, and budget burn.

RELEASE NOTES • February 2024

New Features

  • Restructured and restyled nested service picker
  • Restyled date navigation
  • Users can now duplicate their automations by opening automation popover inside automations list and clicking on “Duplicate” button


  • From now on, all organizations above 1 seat will have an option to book a demo on registration form.
  • Editing company code on internal companies is now allowed
  • Company-wide notifications section is visible under Notifications card
  • Allow to delete bookings on archived time off categories
  • Add booking type filter on resourcing and booking reports
  • When creating a budget, subsidiary and document template will now be preselected in the form
  • Rectified dependencies for Add, Edit and Delete Contacts Permission
  • Improved tasks patch request in mirage on order to see moved task with associated subtask in tagret project
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on “Define cost rate” when adding a time entry would not do anything

Bugs Fixed

  • Added end date validation for new budgets created via the wizard
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the minimized tasks tray to cover up expense form buttons
  • Fixed an issue where an error would show when trying to sort by “Jira issue url” field
  • Deleting service type is now properly disabled if form is not valid
  • My company navigation item is now hidden from Clients & Contractors
  • Fixed wrong route transition if the user does not have permissions to see person’s projects
  • Fixed a bug when pasting attachments in docs
  • Updated empty state activity icon for dark mode
  • Resolved an issue of formulas not being saved correctly in the Budgets/Time Report fields.
  • Fixed minor issue with date picker styling in reports filter
  • Fixed default dashboard disappearing by itself
  • Fixed an issue where updating the formatting settings on “Available” field in “Forecasted billable utilization by month” report would not do anything
  • Reports are visible on mobile navigation
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to reassign an existing booking to a different Project or Deal
  • Fixed an issue where resizing a booking would occasionally move it to another person or a projectUI improvements on view-as-client banner
  • Open previous invoice in new tab
  • Set document type and subsidiary from last active invoice but as a fallback use document type and subsidiary from the last created invoice and restyled nested service picker
  • If View projects where the user is a member permission is not on, Resourcing projects layout will be hidden
  • Changed name for budget bookings permissions
  • Fixed missing Restore action for archived contacts
  • Fixed an issue where library categories would not display their correct name and reintroduced the search in widget library
  • Fixed missing company avatar in Resourcing booking form when person is not assigned to the project
  • Fixed an issue where filters with long labels which are not in popovers would cause overflow and make “Export” button unavailable on some tables
  • Bulk selection of a non-editable booking is no longer possible
  • We’ve fixed an unexpected line items tax calculation on invoice details screen when tax codebook is available.
  • Mentioning people in the task description should now add them as subscribers
  • Fixed an error where approved time entries were delectable
  • Disabled tentative bookings fields in Capacity & availability report for plans not supporting the feature
  • Other peoples comments on a task will show up in realtime again
  • Removing assignee from dependency on task should now work.