The 15 Top Netherlands Advertising & Marketing Agencies in 2020

The Netherlands might not be one of the first places you picture when you think of advertising agencies, but the scene there is booming.

The Netherlands has always been one of the most cutting-edge countries in Europe when it comes to progressive and borderless marketing—and so far, 2020 has only reinforced that identity.

While there are a lot of agencies to choose from, we’ve selected the 15 top Netherlands marketing and advertising agencies in 2020 for you. Hopefully, you’ll learn some tips and tricks from the best in the business.

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For the last decade, Influencer Marketing Agency (IMA) has been focused on harnessing the considerable power of bloggers and influencers. This space has exploded over the past few years, so it’s no wonder that IMA is now recognized as one of the top marketing agencies in the Netherlands. Using the global reach and authority of top influencers, they help leading brands tell their stories through a variety of digital mediums.

Being There maintain that the current age of transparent brands is the most exciting time to be a brand, ever. It’s a time when everything you do matters, and what you project on the outside has to come from the inside. Utilizing over 50 employees and creatives, Being There has collaborated with major brands both in the Netherlands and beyond.

Chase is a brand activation agency with more than seven years of experience under their belts. They engage in maximum exposure initiatives for their brands, specializing in finding and converting consumers across a number of sectors. They focus on high-traffic locations in an effort to shift consumers’ minds without influencing their freedom of choice.

Nomads bills itself as a creative transformation agency. Utilizing creativity and design, they help brands transform for growth. Their core principles put people first, allowing them to identify shared mindsets in the target audience. They follow this foundation up with bold, borderless thinking and expert facilitation.

Admind Agency is a global branding agency with numerous offices all over Europe, including Amsterdam. They offer a number of different services to clients, including brand identity, implementation and transformation, design and creative services, and web agility. With an emphasis on relationships and close collaborations, clients quickly become partners when they work with Admind.

Brandlab takes pride in building strategies and digital solutions that make their clients more engaging—and thus more profitable. They provide services ranging from augmented reality brand awareness campaigns to compelling storytelling, motion graphics, and advertising. Brandlab takes its clients’ brands one step ahead of the game by creating memorable echos in the already overly saturated digital realm.

Energize brands itself as a “creative agency for earned attention.” Founded in 2005, their goal is to humanize brands through the creation of strong brand promises, unique value propositions, and eye-catching campaigns. Through their work for brands big and small, they earn the attention of their audience instead of simply trying to buy it.

N=5 is the largest independent agency in the Netherlands. That same independent spirit carries through to their work. With a workforce of over 50 employees, they guarantee that 100% of their attention is focused on their clients, creating 360-degree campaigns across all possible media. They present themselves as an open and transparent brand, where customer partnership and participation are paramount.

Selmore focuses on impact. By utilizing creative campaign ideas, they aim to deliver the best for their underdog clients. Their philosophy is simple: a hard sell in a soft shell. They’re not about ramming messages down consumers’ throats. They prefer to work with challenger brands or ambitious clients, an ethos that has so far got them to the tiptop of the Netherlands’ industry.

XXS is an independent creative agency that harnesses the power of creativity to boost their businesses. The XXS in their name is no mistake; they’re a boutique agency that believes that the best creative work is generated by small teams. They’re out to challenge the status quo by working with brave brands both in the Netherlands and internationally.

Total Design is another independent agency, populated by a focused team of strategists, storytellers, and creatives. They approach design holistically, with a strong emphasis on independent thinking. Their service offers their clients brand platforms and visual identities, advertising and communication campaigns, and websites and digital innovation.

Fabrique is a strategic digital agency that partners with its customers to create experiences, change, and ultimately results. Fabrique employs a customized process for each client, working in a way that suits both their businesses and their individual needs. They specialize in service design, app development, e-commerce, and website design.

Unusual name aside, TBWA\NEBOKO is one of the best disruptor agencies on the Netherlands scene. They develop business-changing, culture-defining (not to mention award-winning) ideas for brands—and they’ve got the track record to back it up. They’ve received top honors from pretty much every award show going, with a portfolio of major clients and businesses behind them.

Hike One utilizes a team of over 60 design specialists, operating out of three major Netherlands cities. They’re constantly searching for ways to do things better, faster, and cooler (not to mention easier). The company’s focus is digital products, including user interfaces for physical products as well as websites and mobile apps.

FCB is based in Amsterdam and employs 57 top professionals from all over the country. The FCB (Foote, Cone, and Belding) network is a global enterprise, spanning over 100 separate agencies in 90 different countries. The network is successful for a good reason, and FCB Amsterdam is no exception, excelling in storytelling, creativity, and innovation

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