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Switch from multiple tools and spreadsheets to one scalable agency management system. is a 50-strong development agency that focuses on building AI solutions for business automation. 

With clients like Impuls Leasing and INA, they know a thing or two about automation and are soon launching their own product called Rulify. This smart email engine uses AI to tidy up your inbox and automate everyday actions.

We spoke with Martina Horvat, their growth manager, who explained how they use Productive’s powerful micro and macro planning features to stay on top of daily work.

“For micro-planning, we use projects, and then inside the project, you have boards, task list, then tasks, and each task can have a sub-task. But on a task level, there is a description, and their project managers can tell developers what needs to be done.

We also use additional options like priority or due dates. A project manager can assign a task to a specific person so that it gets done.”

But does it then get complicated to find your way around when you have a mountain of Tasks that must be delivered?

“It’s pretty easy because each developer doesn’t have to see every Task in the project, but only Tasks assigned to them, while project managers handle priorities.”

How does that look in real life?

Tina explains: “Say that a developer is working on two projects, but we don’t have another developer that can jump in and help them out, we’ll emphasise the project where the priority is set to high. Basically it’s used as work delegation.”

Mind you that priorities can be set as Custom Fields added to both Tasks and Projects, and Tina quickly points out that Custom Fields are her favourite feature in Productive.

But other than that, are there any benefits to using Productive?

“Before Productive, we used to have a separate tool for time tracking, another one for sales and then four different tools for project management. Plus, the customer support is really nice.”

Stjepan Šandor

Product Marketing Specialist

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