How Cloud-Based Software Can Ensure a Smooth Onboarding Process for New Clients

Gabrijela Bosnjak

June 14, 2019

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Depending on whether you usually turn left or right when boarding an aeroplane.

You’re either used to being welcomed onboard with a bright smile, a glass of Champagne and a confirmation of your sense of superiority…or you’re rammed into economy class (aren’t we all?) with a quick ‘hello’.

Onboarding a new client can be similar in both respects; it can go so smoothly that they quickly become a frequent flyer or it can go so horribly that they rip up their tickets and resolve to travel everywhere by bus. As the pilot of your very own company, you’ll have worked in this business long enough to know that strong client relationships are the foundation of any good agency. While in the past, technology has left a lot to be desired when it comes to seamless communication, today cloud-based technology is readily available to help you bring clients into the fold.

Technology is an integral part of people’s everyday lives, but you may still feel hesitant to introduce it to clients because you fear you’ll lose that personal touch. However, more and more creative agencies are beginning to understand that cloud-based software, like portals and document sharing, can actually make your relationships with clients stronger.

Below are just a few of the reasons why having your head in the clouds can actually be a good thing in the world of business. All aboard? Chocks away!

What It Means To Be “In The Cloud”

You’ve likely heard the term “cloud-based technology” being thrown around quite a bit. While it may conjure images of cherubs furiously texting on smartphones, when it comes to your business, “cloud-based” means accessing and storing data over the internet instead of on a hard drive in a central location. When you use cloud-based software for client onboarding, you give them access to the cloud and applications related to their account. 

It’s a simple concept with a lot of advantages for your agency.


What do most clients want? Simplicity. When do they want it? Now!

One of the best things about using cloud-based software with clients is the level of transparency it gives you. Clients can access their information 24/7, which allows them to always see where you are in the project and how much time you’ve spent so far. Offering cloud-based technology, such as client portals, allows clients to easily understand and assess where things stand while also giving them peace of mind.

Cloud-based portals also save you time with the client. Since they can access the information about their account any time they wish, you’ll likely spend less time talking with them on the phone or exchanging emails. A win/win for everyone!


Now that your armrests are down and your tray tables are in the upright position, it’s time to talk about staying connected – this is one of the crucial keys to stronger relationships with clients. When you use cloud-based software to share files, you can exchange information and documents easily, improve time management, which ends up saveing you money. That’s a huge benefit to clients and also makes your team function more efficiently, since your staff can access any information they need to get work done from anywhere.

Plus, the very latest in cloud-based technology allows for integration across several platforms, from smartphones to laptops to tablets. That means if a client or someone on your team makes changes in one place (on the ground or in the air using cabin WiFi!), then it’s updated across all applications. You don’t have to manually sync anything or take the time to import or export – it’s all done in real time, which is a real time-saver! 

Allowing the free sharing of ideas and information between you and your clients at any time is a great way for you to collaborate on and finish a project with everybody satisfied with the result, not to mention keeping turbulence to a minimum.


While the cloud is a useful tool for your clients, its value also extends to you when it comes to gaining insights into how your employees work on specific projects. 

Analyzing data from your cloud-based software can help you see who is working on a project and who may be lagging behind. It also allows you to view who is working on specific aspects of each project, so you know who to go to if there’s an issue. If there’s a hold-up somewhere along the chain, it’s easy to identify and resolve, which helps you meet deadlines and keep things chugging along.

Viewing breakdowns of each project and resource planning in the cloud also helps to define the scope of projects for your employees a little more clearly. They can gain a better understanding of what their role is within each project and delegate the responsibilities a little easier. All this adds up to a more efficient and smoother workflow for your agency, which will impress your clients, too.

A Little Too Much?

We know what you might be thinking – this all sounds a little too Big Brother-esque for your tastes. While it may look that way from the outside, the control cloud-based software gives you, your clients and your employees is an important tool to increase productivity on all fronts. It’s not a tool you use to spy on your employees, or for clients to spy on you. It’s simply a tool to increase communication and grow relationships. It may even spark conversations that take your services and products to the next level.

Unbelievable Resources for Your Agency

The cloud is an amazing resource for your agency – but its value isn’t simply in its access or storage capabilities. It’s also beneficial to see the bigger picture of how your agency is functioning. With Productive, you have everything you need to manage your client relationships and employees in one easy-to-use place. You don’t have to jump between multiple tools – and neither do your clients. You can handle everything you need to manage projects effectively on our cloud-based software.

You started your business to create outstanding products and services for your clients. Cloud-based software makes it easier than ever before to manage data, track progress, and drive your reputation up above the clouds and into the stars…come to think of it, when is Elon Musk’s budget space travel business ready for launch?!

Gabrijela Bosnjak

Senior Business Development Representative

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