Employer of the Year Award 2023

Margarita Aranza

December 12, 2023

Guess who’s back, back again?

This was another year for the books, and boy, do we have something to show for it. Productive took part in the Best Employer Award survey for the third year in a row. This time, we’re bringing home not just one, but three awards.

During our first two runs with the MojPosao Employer Survey, we won 3rd place (2021) and 1st place (2022) in the Small Employer Category (20-50 employees).

This time around, we moved up to the Medium Employer category (51-250 employees) and we knew that the competition was going to be tough – and so were we. Hard work paid off once again and we’re proud to say we won 1st place. But this year, it didn’t stop there. We were also recognized as the best IT company out of all the IT companies that took part in the survey.

And that wasn’t all, folks. We also received the “Best of The Best” title – meaning that Productive had the best overall score from every single company that took part in the survey this year.

This year MojPosao surveyed more that 7,100 participants. As per usual, employers didn’t have any insight into their employees’ responses, but clearly put in a lot of effort all year round to make sure to pass with flying colors.

A Quick Look Back

This past year was a big one for us, in more ways than one:

  • Our headcount grew by 51% in comparison to 2022
  • Our teams shipped out more than 150 new features, improvements and updates, which is 30% more than last year
  • We moved into a snazzy new office
  • We enjoyed 4-day work weeks during the summer months

Here’s what our CEO, Tomislav Car had to say about the year that’s behind us and our achievement:

This has been a tough year for the tech industry. Recession, rising interest rates, and layoffs. It makes me very proud that, despite all that, we’ve managed to pull through as a team and end the year strong. Winning the Best Employer award means a lot to me, as it means that we managed to create a great working environment for everyone – even in these hard times.

Our HR and Operations Manager, Tanja Abazi Brebrić said:

This year, along with the Best Employer Award for Medium Enterprises, we won the Best of the Best title – which means we had the best overall score from every single company that participated this year. It’s crucial to have the right people for the right job and I believe that we managed to do exactly that here at Productive. I’m really pleased to be working with people like these. We actively work on any problem we encounter and our main focus is growing together to be the best we possibly can.

These awards are dedicated to each and every one of us who put in the work and made Productive into the company it is today. A big thank you to all of our people from Development, Design, Product Management, Operations, HR, Sales and Marketing.

If you want to join our ambitious bunch, check out our open positions here.

Margarita Aranza

Marketing Assistant

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