BLOG POST • FEB 12 2024

Productive Monthly Updates: January

You can automate your agency with Automations, add bookings for Sales deals, define custom cost rates for Budgets, and more.

VIDEO • JAN 17 2024

Automations in Productive: Save Time Spent on Common Actions

Powerful automations that are easy to configure, with no coding required. Define actions that happen automatically, from opening Tasks, posting comments, or sending messages to Slack. From simple everyday actions to complex multi-step workflows, there is an Automation that fits your way of working.

RELEASE NOTES • january 2024

New Features

  • Added tooltip for Project and Budget in suggestions and Time entry list
  • Added description field to Time Off category
  • Added the ability to define multiple initial (empty) filter fields in the view setup
  • Added stage status field to financial items view setup
  • Added a budget navigation for the time manager role
  • Dependent tasks in Gantt can now be moved as a group by enabling the ‘Move as group’ option
  • Added Work cost, Expense cost, and Cost columns to the deal report
  • Added the sales status column to the service report (and time entry report)


  • New ProjectAssignChecker, which can work with memberships and permission system
  • Updated copy when organization/email is not found while logging in using SSO
  • Updated text on 2FA screen
  • Implemented new functionality inside automations action step forms for CREATE_TASK and UPDATE_TASK actions. Tasks can now be set to private by clicking on the button with the padlock icon inside the flyout Modal header
  • Adding dependencies and modifying task due dates is now available on Gantt quarter zoom
  • Removed Left To Schedule in Booking Modal reports
  • Added Manager column to Person data import template
  • Removed the condition that merging contacts is only available if they are active
  • A file picker opens automatically when adding an attachment from the editor command list within docs
  • Update HR integrations list on the billing tooltip
  • Update availability status now added to mobile menu
  • Update Left To Schedule field description on Services report Integrated memberships for leaving and joining a project in the project sidebar and projects lists
  • Decreased row height to fit more items in Gantt layout
  • Prevented adding notes for deactivated users in company time report
  • Error handling for 404 on SSO login form

Bugs Fixed

  • Workflow statuses are now ordered by position when edited on the table layout
  • When duplicating time from the previous day, a loading state will now show
  • Fixed overlapping date errors on the entitlement form
  • The name of the tab now refreshes when changing the title of a task
  • Fixed miscalculation of Left to schedule time in Resourcing
  • Commenting after canceling the upload of an attachment no longer shows an error
  • Fixed bug on bulk copy time entries in day view that caused time entry’s start time and date discrepancy
  • Fixed the missing budgets tab on the company page
  • Fixed an issue when moving booking to a person not on a project would show the wrong person in the booking form dropdown
  • Handled time entry delete confirm rejection
  • Create a new cost rate for editing placeholders without a cost rate
  • Fixed missing holiday calendar dropdown on the cost rate of a deactivated person
  • Replaced the active project query for projectless budget
  • Fixed an error where the Deal closed on date field was verified on a budget
  • Prevented time entry deletion after setting time entry’s time value in the timesheet cell to 0
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on an element with the quantity focused would not work in the service editor
  • Changed error message in time entry form when tracked more than 24 hours
  • Fixed validations in BO for organization subscription form
  • Dependencies for tasks not matching any filter won’t be visible in Gantt layout
  • Fixed an issue with attribute mentions on automations where mentions would stop working after prepending steps before the mentioned steps
  • Resolved issue with export API filter params serialization
  • Reset value to default domain on email invoice form on lower plans
  • Aligned buttons left on the project creation form
  • Fixed time entry save flow in the timesheet view
  • Resolved an issue where the new exporter route was incorrectly displaying a dark theme instead of the intended light theme
  • Fixed an issue where the table header would stay on top of the page after scrolling
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on “Set default currency” button didn’t work as expected
  • Fixed an issue where the label “Date (month)” would appear when showing individual time entries in Deal -> Time screen instead of “Time entry”
  • Improved the workflow status info tooltip when creating a project
  • Fixed an issue with the new exporter when some reports have incorrect names or are missing names
  • Prevent starting a timer from company time in the old layout
  • Fixed an issue where the pulse could not be updated after being created
  • Fixed a bug where adding a service (with markup) to a budget from a rate card would have the wrong price after saving
  • Removed Deal and Confirmed badges from time off bookings in Resourcing
  • Fixed an issue where it seemed as if users could bulk edit billable time-on-time entries related to non-billable services
  • Video dialog will be rendered automatically, without rendering placeholder
  • Fixed a bug where filtering by stage type on Resourcing would filter each booking
  • The final step in the project creation wizard will now show a more descriptive confirmation action text
  • Set booking on the report as an optional property in order to prevent errors
  • Handle errors caused by Intercom script
  • Fixed issue when task route resolves task model without project relation
  • Deal header supports permissions now
  • Fixed two bugs that appeared when the user would visit Person -> Cost rates or try to create a new invoice and then went back immediately
  • Fixed an issue where the link was not appearing after clicking on the ‘Get iCal link’ button
  • Fixed a bug where the estimated time would not update when changing the Unit in the service form
  • Fixed a bug where approving several time off requests in bulk was not working