Is Slack Where You Talk About Work? Connect It With Productive

Receive Productive notifications, create and update Productive tasks directly in Slack.

Create New Tasks Directly In Slack

Create a new Productive Task directly from a Slack message, perform quick actions such as closing Tasks or changing Assignees, Task lists, or Due dates.

Perform Changes in Productive Without Leaving Slack

Close the task, change its assignee, or edit due dates without going back and forth through apps.

Keep Everyone in the Loop—
Deliver Reports via Slack

You can directly send Reports to any Slack channel on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

How To Connect Slack and Productive

If you’d like to connect your Slack account with Productive, check out this help article.

More About Slack

Slack is a collaboration app that connects people, information, and other tools together to get work done more efficiently. Millions of people worldwide use Slack to connect teams and move their businesses forward.

Automate Your Agency’s

Switch from multiple tools and spreadsheets
to one scalable agency management system.