Connect Personio and Productive – Let HR Operations Run Smoothly 

If Personio is your HR tool of choice, you can sync your data with Productive in a few easy steps.

Time off Management With Real-time Data

This integration will let you sync data from different time off categories and time off periods.

Easy Integration Setup

Set up the Personio and Productive integration in a few easy steps.

How To Connect Personio and Productive

If you’d like to connect your Personio account with Productive, check out this help article.

More About Personio

Personio has helped 6,000 HR teams across Europe to focus less on administration and more time on people. Their software solutions help HR teams automate people processes and free up time for more strategic work, enabling HR to go beyond HR.

Automate Your Agency’s

Switch from multiple tools and spreadsheets
to one scalable agency management system.