Relying on Jira to Drive Your Development Forward?

Good news: Jira and Productive work in perfect harmony. Improve your workflow by integrating the two.

Build Your Budget in Productive

Effectively build and manage any kind of budget, whether fixed price, hourly, with, or without third-party expenses.

Track Time In Jira

Track time in Jira instead of in Productive. Open a project in Jira and select the issue you want to track time on.


Get Reports in Productive

Based on regularly tracked time, get clear insights by getting granular on projects, clients, employees, or industries.

How To Connect Jira and Productive

If you’d like to connect your Jira account with Productive, check out this help article.

More About Jira

Jira was originally built as a bug and issue tracker. Today, it’s used around the world for software teams to plan, track, and release software. Jira offers several products built for Software, IT, Business, Ops teams, and more.

Automate Your Agency’s

Switch from multiple tools and spreadsheets
to one scalable agency management system.