ivan hribar, product designer

Design at Productive

Productive has a lot of features, and a lot of them are intertwined, so it’s not always easy to design the perfect solution. But that’s what I love about it.

My Job

I’m a Product Designer at Productive, which means that I’m in charge of solving problems – along with the entire Product team, of course. That includes researching, prototyping, user testing and designing new features. Also, I update and maintain the Productive Design System.

My Path to SaaS

I have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology so I would say that that gave me a slight advantage in the SaaS world. I have a technical background and understand the problems that arise during the process of building new features.

Before I became a designer, I also worked as a QA Engineer at Infinum. So you could say that both of my eyes twitch – when discovering bugs and when reviewing the design. Luckily, we have great developers so twitches are kept to a minimum.

My Typical Day

Most of the time I work from home. So, in the morning after a fresh dose of caffeine, I go to my attic where my home office is and put on some punk, HC, or metal to get the creative juices flowing. You could say it’s a ritual. 

A typical day includes working on new features that were decided at our Product weekly meeting and maybe syncing with other colleagues now and then, just to check if we’re on the right track. 

I set up prototypes when a feature is finished, and we test features with our users. Depending on the feedback we get from our customers, I update the design and check if the iteration is better by testing it again. 

Once approved, I set up the flow and exportable items of the feature for the developers to implement. When a new feature is fully implemented, a design review is in order.

The Team

A young (for the most part), smart and ambitious group of people who love what they do. You can really sense that the whole team works with the same goal in mind and is motivated to push Productive forward.

Why Productive?

My biggest “why” is because it’s challenging. Productive has a lot of features, and a lot of them are intertwined so it’s not always easy to design the perfect solution, especially because different users expect them to behave in different ways. But that’s what I love about it. Every feature is a new way to solve users’ problems and make the app’s use seamless.

Our Team Can’t Make It Alone