luka žic, customer success specialist

Customer Success at Productive

Since you want to run your business your way, I have to find a solution that will work for you. Sometimes that’s not easy, but every time you say Thanks, this really helps! I get a boost of happiness that makes it all worth it.

My Job

As a Customer Success Specialist at Productive, it’s my duty to make sure you’re getting the most Productive bang out of your buck. While this does seem simple at first, it’s actually quite a multilayered thing I do.

Want to know how to handle a specific use case that you are struggling with? Curious about a new feature that we just released, but you can’t seem to wrap your head around it? Want to know what’s coming up on our roadmap? Or are you just interested in an account overview and want to know whether you have any gaps in your setup?

I’m your man in all of these scenarios; whether we discuss these matters via email, a shared doc, or on a quick call, it’s all good as long as it gets you closer to our shared goal of maximizing the value you get out of Productive.

My Path to Productive

Before joining Productive, I worked in various customer-facing roles at two other SaaS product companies, so I was fairly familiar with what I was getting into. What attracted me to Productive was my familiarity with the company culture, the potential to raise my skills to a new level, and the ability to work with a truly global product. Needless to say, all of these have been not only met, but even exceeded in various ways.

The company’s rapid growth over the past few years is the best testament that we have a good thing going on here. The ability to attract top talent and to keep delivering both an excellent product and customer service has been at the core of it all, and it has been a great ride.

A Typical Workday

The Success team at Productive is involved in so many various facets of the company’s operations that it’s nearly impossible to say what a typical working day looks like.

Correspondence with our customers is definitely a major part of every day, whether via email or calls. Since we also do proactive check-ups of our customers, it’s not as if someone has to contact me to get a conversation going. We do from our end, too.

We’re also heavily involved in managing internal activities, such as billing procedures, a bit of testing here and there, checking key customer metrics, and the like. It’s a very diverse set of activities, so it never gets repetitive or dull.

The Customer Success Team

I initially joined Productive’s Support team before moving to the Success team later. At the time, I was the only person in Customer Success. Today, there are three of us. This expansion has felt very natural, and I feel that we have been able to maintain our core values during this growth while also significantly expanding and improving our customer service—much to the benefit of our customers. As mentioned above, there is rarely a dull moment, and we thrive on keeping everything moving forward.

Why Productive?

What I truly appreciate is that here, your input matters and the final result is the work of the whole team. This feeling of working on something together and the genuine excitement when a new feature is released is really what makes it so unique.

Our Team Can’t Make It Alone