The Top Ten Mid-Sized Agencies in LA Right Now

Everybody’s got something to sell in Los Angeles. But who are the people behind the selling?

The digital landscape is as complicated and competitive as ever. If you want to succeed, chances are you’re going to need a little help. Here are the people to call for that help: the top 10 mid-sized agencies in LA in 2020.

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Think Jam is one of the leading creative marketing agencies in the city of angels. They’ve won numerous awards over the years and continue to set the bar across numbers of projects—both in the US and internationally.

With a sister office based in the UK, Think Jam has a combined workforce of over 90 people. They deliver a comprehensive range of digital consultancy, advertising production, publicity, promotional, and social media services to their ever-expanding client base.

With over a decade of work behind them, TVGla’s work is mainly focused around—play. Part of their philosophy is that “play produces an emotional attachment to brands that lives on after the moment”. This proven way of thinking forms the foundation of their success. Think big names like Universal Studios, Netflix, HBO Max, and the History Channel.

TVGla has taken on cutting-edge projects in the field of digital marketing, from Web AR to running campaigns across paid, earned, owned, and shared digital platforms.

InstaCarma brings together 17 years of experience to provide its clients with end-to-end IT services. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to digital management for your business, InstaCarma is the agency you want to call. Utilizing stringent quality control measures, best practices, and an excellent team of over 50 employees, they provide their clients with premium solutions at nominal rates.

They are strongly focused on the hosting industry, providing a one-stop-shop for digital services and keeping their clients ahead of the pack when it comes to the competitive world of online commerce.

Riester has been in the marketing business for 31 years, so it stands to reason that they know what they’re talking about. They’ve undoubtedly seen a lot of trends come and go over those three decades, but their commitment to the root cause of facilitating their clients has found them continued success.

Employing 120 marketing professionals across five major cities, Riester is well-equipped to handle any client or campaign. They are undoubtedly one of the top creative agencies in Los Angeles right now.

bread & Butter is a hands-on public relations and digital media company with a special focus on all things food, drink, and travel. They have a number of offices all over the country but like to retain an intimate feel with their clients.

bread & Butter combines seasoned local knowledge with an expansive national network to craft visionary campaigns for their clients. Tackling social media, marketing strategies, influencer marketing, and creative services, they love companies that challenge them to think big and act small.

Five by Five has a prominent presence in Los Angeles, but that’s not the only city they do business in. With additional offices in Southampton, London, and Sydney, this agency is a verifiable international operation.

Five by Five makes brands memorable through carefully constructed, engaging campaigns, utilizing over 40 years’ worth of experience in the industry.

Conill was founded way, way back in 1968, and made its mark on the industry by being the first Latino marketing agency in the US Since its inception, the company has gone from strength to strength, servicing a number of high-profile, dynamic clients.

As of 2020, Conill is one of the highest-regarded and most awarded multicultural agencies in the country. Their main focus is business advertising, but the agency also offers social media and content marketing services for brands across a whole spectrum of industries.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Sigma Infosolutions is a leading global software and technology solutions company. They are heavily focused on tech, supplying a range of services across the FinTech, eCommerce & Retail, and Hi-Tech sectors. Their aim is to help their clients produce customer engagement, operational efficiency, and return on IT investments.

Digital innovation is the name of the game, and Sigma Infosolutions excels at it. With 250 staff members drawing on combined decades of experience, they are one of the most cutting-edge agencies in LA right now.

Amplify is a global operation that bills itself as a brand experience agency. They’ve got their clients covered regardless of the time zone—operating between offices in Los Angeles, London, and Sydney. Their approach focuses on the audience, thinking of them as real people, and not just demographics.

Amplify creates integrated solutions and helps brands build long-term, authentic connections with companies, products, and causes they love.

Boldly is one of the top creative agencies in Los Angeles for subscription and remote working staff. How does it work exactly? Well, they offer up their experienced, US-based staff for remote hire, integrating their expertise seamlessly into your business.

Boldly views staffing as a subscription model, and why not? Practically everything is heading that way anyway in 2020. This novel approach has seen them succeed in a competitive industry, breaking new ground in the way they do business. They offer world-class marketeers, project managers, executive assistants, and more.

These are 10 examples of the cream of the crop when it comes to Los Angeles marketing agencies. When considering your own agency, ask yourself what these 10 do to stand out, and consider how you might adapt some of their practices and strategies to enhance your own business. Because let’s face it: if you’re standing out from the crowd in Los Angeles, you must be doing something very right.

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Access agency-related Slack channels, exchange business insights, and join in on members-only live sessions.

Marija Kata Vlašić

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