Productive Monthly Updates: October

Stjepan Šandor

November 6, 2023

This month, we’re excited to unveil a host of updates, including Tasks, Docs, Expenses, and a completely revamped Search function.

Keep reading as we dive into the exciting features October has brought to Productive.

New Search

Productive is the operating system for your agency, so it’s natural that you’ll keep most of your data in it – and we wanted to make sure that all this data is very easy to find. That’s why we’ve developed a brand new search engine that will help you find everything with ease.

To begin with, the new Search is 10 times faster than before, so no matter how much data you have, you’ll get the results in a heartbeat.

And if you already know what you’re looking for, you can use quick filters to narrow down your search to only Tasks, Projects, Budgets or more.

With Quick Actions, you can do everyday actions right from the Search bar – you can log a time entry, create a Task, or request Time Off from wherever you are in the app.

Finally, you can search for a specific Doc or a Task, or you can also extend the scope of your search and look inside their content. This means that you can look for a specific word or a phrase inside a Doc (or a Task) and jump right to that page.

To learn more, check out this help article.

Automatic Currency Conversion For Expenses

When you post an Expense that is in a different currency than the Budget, the total billable amount will be calculated based on the exchange rate you have defined in Settings.

Keep in mind that the exchange rate will take into account the date of the Expense. Also, we’ve added the possibility to add markups when the Expense is in a different currency than the Budget.

Add a Nickname

If you have a nickname and want to use it in Productive, you can now add it next to your name. Your teammates can use your nickname to search for you, or mention you in comments on Tasks or Docs.

New In Docs

Now you can save your Doc as a PDF file – just hit the download button, and the Doc will be exported as a PDF.

Also, if you’re using colorful banners to highlight important sections of your doc, you can now add them by selecting a piece of text and selecting the banner option from the toolbar:

New Fields In Reports

We’ve added new fields to Capacity & Availability ReportsBillable scheduled, which will show the total number of hours scheduled on billable services, and Scheduled billable / Available, which shows the ratio between Scheduled billable time and Available time.

Check out new fields available on the Budgets Reports – we’ve added Recurring ends on, Recurring starts on, Recurring interval, and Next occurrence on.

Wait, There’s More!

  • When you send a payment reminder to the client, it will be recorded in the Invoice feed
  • An arrow icon will now signify that sorting is turned on when looking at reports and various views (e.g., when looking at Tasks in a project)
  • If you’re using Subtasks, now you can edit assignees, due dates, and statuses right from the parent Task
  • Also, now you can manually reposition Tasks and Subtasks so your lists can look just the way you want

Still To Come:

In the next few weeks, you can expect:

  • Gantt layout
  • Tentative bookings in Scheduling
  • Define a cost rate per budget
  • Customisable permissions
  • Automations for common actions

We’re always looking to make your experience of using Productive better.

We’ll keep you updated as we ship more improvements. The following Monthly Updates will arrive at the beginning of December 2023.

For any questions, as always, reach out to our Customer Support.

Stjepan Šandor

Product Marketing Specialist

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