Productive Monthly Updates: June

Bojan Rendulic

July 6, 2020

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Last month was busy at Productive by all means.

We released a bunch of features that were on our roadmap and many more improvements that could be a game changer for most of our customers. 

Speaking of busy, last week we had a Week of releases which you could see on our social media. 

Without further ado, let’s step into our June Monthly Updates recap. 

Advanced Filters

Now, you can access more precise, individual data using multiple filters at once. Using advanced filters, you can apply very specific parameters to show specific data that has meaning to you within projects, budgets, for certain teammates…you get the picture.

For example:

Show all tasks where assignee = Ivan

Show all projects where revenue > $10.000

Using conditional filters will make your life easier for sure. 
Also, now in your Productive inbox you can find things easier, too, by adding filters.

Filter notifications by: 

Date range


Type (Budget, Deal, Invoice, Payment, Person, Task where you are a subscriber)

Request Changes on Time Entries

Something else that’s new in Productive is that project managers can now ask team members for more details on time entries when submitted for approval. Cool, right? 🙂

If you want the time entry to be reviewed, you can request the person who had submitted the time entry to change it. Also, you can add the reason why you’re requesting a change.


We’re excited to introduce Placeholders as a part of our Scheduling feature. Using Placeholders, you can plan upcoming projects i.e. plan and track your agency’s upcoming workload. 

Placeholders are a game changer for most of our customers because of the following benefits: 

You can schedule upcoming work 

You can see where you need to allocate existing teammates’ time

You can plan hiring freelancers or contractors ahead of time

You can have a better overview of your upcoming expenses

You have more accurate Insights and a future perspective on financial reporting

Find out more on how to use Placeholders in Scheduling here, or download our Guide to Resource Planning for Agencies.

Trial of Productive Premium

Want to try Productive’s cool new features, like Forecasting or Advanced Insights? Now you can turn on a trial of Productive Premium. 🙂 Here is how to do it. 

Improvements for Budgets and Insights

We did a number of improvements in Budgets and Insights and now you can: 

Edit budget delivery date

Add Subsidiary columns to budgets tables

Add a “Budget used” column to financial insights

Hide & show the discount column on deal/budget financials

Add “Approval status” columns to financial insights

Coming Up

In the next couple of months, we’re preparing the following new updates listed below: 

Weekly timesheet entry will enable you to input your time for the entire week, all on one screen

Timeline on tasks will help you schedule individual tasks in a timeline

With Email to task integration, you’ll be able to create tasks from emails

Single sign-on support means you can log into Productive using single sign-on services, such as Okta

Time off requests for requesting and approving vacations and other time off events

By using our new invoice builder, you’ll find more flexibility when creating invoices

With new Sales Deal Redesign, managing your sales pipeline will be more streamlined and easier with a redesign of our Sales module

Batch editing enables you to update multiple items with one click (like changing a custom field on 10 Projects at once)

All these improvements are going to help you run a more efficient and productive team. For any questions, reach out to our Customer Support.

Bojan Rendulic

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