Productive Monthly Updates: April

AI is making its debut in Productive!

With artificial intelligence making waves worldwide, we’re excited to introduce its integration into Productive, all geared towards helping you work smarter and get more done. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the exciting updates we’ve got in store for you from April.

New in Project Management: Productive AI, Share Task Views, and more

With Productive AI in Docs, you can write better and faster than ever, be it a project specification or an email for your client. Just open a Doc of your choice and ask AI to:

  • Write a project specification
  • Translate emails to eight languages
  • Draft marketing content (social media posts, blog entries, paid ads…)
  • Summarize documents
  • Change your writing style and tone
  • Explain complex items in simple terms

Productive AI is now available in beta for all customers on all pricing plans.

Moving on to Tasks: Now you can share saved Views with your teammates so they don’t have to configure their projects from scratch. This is also useful for onboarding new teammates to Productive, as they can then focus on their initial Tasks.

Finally, holidays are now visible in the Gantt layout so you can plan your work accordingly.

Major Improvements in Resourcing

You can use “Left To Schedule” to check how much time you can schedule against a service without exceeding the budget. Previously, the formula would take into account Worked time, but that works best when people track time in real-time, and often that is not the case.

The new formula for “Left to Schedule” uses estimated time and past and present Scheduled time. This calculation focuses on Resourcing and is more precise than before. This calculation focuses on Resourcing and is more precise than before. We’ve also added a quick way to access the report, which is right in the Booking details window.

Next, when you’re assigning a booking to a person, we’re performing a check to see if the person can access that budget or deal. If not, you’ll get a warning.

Finally, when you set the deal as Lost, all bookings associated with that deal will be deleted.

New in HubSpot Integration

If HubSpot is your CRM tool of choice, we’ve just made the integration better. Previously, all deals synced from HubSpot to Productive had the same default owner, which was defined in the integration settings. Now, deal owners from HubSpot get assigned the matching Deal Owner in Productive.

Webinar: A Robust Review Process for AI-Generated Content

Join our webinar with Niklas Dorn, Co-founder and CEO of Filestage. Filestage drives efficiency by letting teams share, review, and approve content faster than before. With the rise of generative AI, join our webinar to hear:

  • Insights from the Filestage AI Report 2024: The latest figures on the use of AI in content creation
  • Productivity vs. Quality: Why AI is great for productivity but puts quality at risk
  • 5 steps to success: Building a robust review process for AI-generated content without compromising quality

You can sign up for the webinar here.

Wait, There Is More!

  • Check out the new service picker when tracking time; all budgets and deals can be found under the client name, along with project colors
  • When searching for people, you can use their nicknames
  • Use the + button for formatting – it appears in Docs when writing
  • The chart display in Reports now mirrors the settings of the table display: Click on the name of the column to set it up
  • When a deal is won (and converted to a project), you can move all time entries and expenses to the budget and keep the feed as well
  • Now, you can add a variable into the note field from the list of variables listed in the tooltip

Still To Come:

  • Tax codebook
  • New actions and conditions in Automations
  • Automatically move dependent tasks

We’re always looking to make your experience of using Productive better.

We’ll keep you updated as we ship more improvements. The following Monthly Updates will arrive at the beginning of June 2024.

For any questions, as always, reach out to our Customer Support.

Stjepan Šandor

Product Marketing Specialist

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