How AI Is Transforming The Workforce (And How Your Agency Can Benefit)

Kresimir Simicic

May 16, 2019

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When most people think of artificial intelligence (AI), their mind usually goes to one of two places – a shiny, futuristic world full of robot servants (à la The Jetsons) or a Terminator-style dystopia ruled by a ruthless Skynet.

In reality, AI already exists in many forms and although we don’t have quick-witted C-3PO butlers delivering us freshly mixed drinks, we’re not hiding out in a nuclear bunker from fear of total machine annihilation, either.

There are a variety of ways in which your agency can benefit by utilising AI technology in order to transform into a more productive, efficient and intuitive workplace of tomorrow!

Starting with…

All Those Mundane Tasks

You know those boring and repetitive tasks no one wants to do in your office? It’s those dreaded tasks that are exactly what AI can do!

Imagine letting artificial intelligence take over those tasks and freeing up the people in your agency to tackle the problems that take imagination, creativity, and complex problem-solving skills. Utilizing AI shifts the focus to getting the impactful work of your agency done.

AI technology can be used to take care of duties such as:

Administrative Tasks

There are many tasks that human workers perform that don’t really provide any value to the overall creativity and work of the agency. Scheduling meetings, rescheduling meetings (after an endless series of emails), and canceling meetings are something that can be accomplished today with simple AI personal assistants. There are even programs to record, transcribe, and distribute meeting notes – another helpful but inglorious task your employees won’t be sad to adiós.

Internal Communications and Support

Your HR team is supposed to focus on helping you build an agency people love working for, but they spend so much time focusing on answering routine staffing questions, they can’t spend the time they need focusing on other important duties. 

AI can help you create a service desk to take care of the repetitive HR requests that currently clog up your team’s days. If your agency already uses a platform such as Slack, there are AI technologies out there that can easily integrate into that platform to assist employees with questions.

Customer service 

AI chatbots are all the rage right now and for good reason. They can help with external support and customer service, filtering important or complicated questions to a real person. Plus, this AI technology can be used to harness data for your agency, helping you work out which information is the most sought after and find specific types of customers to target in your marketing endeavors.


You can use AI technology to help train your staff by providing coaching tools and oversight on specific tasks. These AI coaches walk new employees through specific tasks and can even help seasoned employees to work more efficiently and effectively.

Use AI to help transform the way you think about…

Business Data and Analytics

In today’s business landscape, it’s difficult to run a competitive agency without data. The problem with data is that it can become so overwhelming that it’s hard to gain any insight from it. In the past, agencies and other businesses hired data scientists to break it all down for them; today you can mine your required data with the help of AI.

AI applications can centralize all your company data and make it searchable, a great resource that can help you identify patterns and changes in order to understand the key metrics for your business.


These days, it’s not uncommon for credit card data to be breached. If you’ve ever received an out of the blue call from your bank asking if you’ve really just purchased five iPhones and a meerkat from a market in Tehran and your answer was “NO!” – you have AI to thank for raising the alarm. 

That same technology can be used by your agency to help secure data for your business and identify any security risks that may be present. This keeps your company, employee, and customer data safe. AI-powered software can detect and address threats in a much higher capacity than a human ever could.


When it comes to raising productivity across the board, AI shines in every industry. Your workers won’t have to spend their time analyzing spreadsheets for insights, resource planning, or answering the same questions from customers or employees over and over again, meaning that they’re free to do their job and do it better. In other words, they’re more productive.

Adopting AI in your Agency

You’ll find mixed feelings from employees about adopting AI technology in your business. The key to helping your employees adjust is by showing them how AI can make their jobs easier. Get them involved with identifying the problems that AI can help solve, and show them the value that AI technology can have in their everyday work lives. Before you know it, they will learn to embrace and not shun AI technology.

Productive Sees the Future

Productive can help give you a glimpse into the very bright and more efficient future of your agency with some of our amazing products. From gathering and preparing your data to managing tasks, we want to make it easier for your agency to run smoothly and help your employees focus on the tasks that really matter. 

Set your workers free from mindless and redundant tasks by embracing AI technology. Who knows? Your personal robot servant may not be too far behind!

Kresimir Simicic

VP of Business Development

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