Ivan Lučin

VP of Engineering @ Productive. Frontend engineer under the hood. Outside of working hours—a happy husband, dad of two girls and a wannabe musician.


Pull Requests—The Good, the Bad and Really, Not That Ugly

PR review workflow helps with code quality, sharing domain knowledge and mentoring. But every process comes with overhead.


How React Ruined Web Development

Nobody agrees with the title of this article, saying “ruined” is too strong of a word. But most of them agree with the problems discussed in this article.

Product Updates

Unified Financials

Managing finances is one of the most important jobs in your company. There’s a lot of data mining involved so getting the right information fast can be a problem.

Product Updates

Spinning Round Round — Repeating Tasks in Productive!

Doing a lot of retainer work? If you're struggling with keeping track of the things you have to do, we have a solution for your challenge.

Product Updates

Quickbooks Online Integration

Productive now integrates with your QuickBooks online account. Nobody likes that nasty double work, so we got your back.

Product Updates

The Holidays Are Here And We Have A Present For You — Introducing Scheduling!

It's time to get rid of that scheduling tool you were struggling with. Productive now handles your entire workflow in a single solution.

How To

Adding Time Estimates On Tasks

For those of you who use Scrum methodology on your projects, it’s essential to estimate the amount of work for every open task.