Agencies Choose Productive,
a Parallax Alternative, to Grow Their Businesses

Complete agency life cycles—from Sales to Billing—with no need for additional tools. Productive is the only tool you need to run a profitable agency.


End-to-end Agency Management

One scalable platform for software agencies of all shapes and sizes.


No Hidden Costs

Plans and prices are fully transparent and flexible to fit your trams needs.
Pay monthly or annually.


Full Onboarding and Support

We help you set up your first budgets and import your data.

Why Choose Productive
over Parallax

See what makes Productive the #1 agency management software

Sales pipeline

Project and time tracking

Resource planning


Profit forecasting




Users Love Productive

Running a profitable agency shouldn’t imply using endless tools and platforms—we believe that you need only one.

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Check Who’s Overbooked and Who Needs More Work?

Balance your team’s workload and assigned tasks. Learn who’s overbooked and who can take on more work by casting an eye on heatmaps. Check who’s on vacation or sick leave.

Orion Jensen
CEO, Clear Launch

Our project management team looks at all their projects and balances all their resources and sees if we have any holes or if we’re fighting over the same resources. We’re able to trade and plan through it, which is not something that we did before.

Check Your Agency’s Financials In Real Time

Monitor your revenue, costs, profit, average rate, hours worked, and everything spending-related. Use history and present data to predict and plan future decisions.

Orion Jensen
CEO, Clear Launch

We’ve always known how we were doing as a company on a monthly basis, but knowing on a per-project level, in real time—we never really had that visibility.

Access Over 50 Agency-Focused Reports

Need to zoom in on profitability by client or utilization per team member? Want to see revenue by business unit? Visit the Reports Library.

patricK osburn
service operations manager,

Before using Productive, I would have to spend 8 hours to figure certain numbers out. Now, I have those numbers in real time, at a glance.

Estimate Tasks and Track Their Progress

Estimate how much time your teammate will need for a task

Let your team member start tracking

Compare estimated time with actuals

With an overview of estimations and tracked time, you’ll improve estimations and budgeting in the future.

Powerful Budget Management

Effectively build and manage any kind of budget—be it fixed price, hourly, with or without third-party expenses.

Fixed-price, Hourly, or Mixed? No Problem

In Productive, build budgets however you want.

Set Up Your Agency’s Retainer Work

Use Productive’s recurring budgets to easily manage your retainers. Combine fixed-price or hourly models when billing services.

Manage Complex Projects With Multiple Phases

When you have large, long-term projects, make things easier by splitting budgets up into separate phases. You’ll have a full overview of your projects’ health and simplify money management.