Automation Sounds Alluring? All You Need Is a Developer

Create custom integrations with various apps, then automate processes using Productive’s Open API and webhooks.

Connect to Productive via public API

Productive communicates with any software your company uses through the Open API and Webhooks.

Choose What To Fire After Event and Where to Send the Event

Add the name of the integration and select an event to trigger it under Fire After Event. Which URL address or location do you want the event to end up in?

How Can I Access Productive’s Open API?

For our API client, click here. For our API documentation, visit this page. If you want to subscribe to certain events when triggered, follow a few simple steps from this help article.

More About Customizations

Webhooks are a way that apps can send automated messages or information to other apps. They’re a simple way your online accounts can talk to each other and get notified automatically when something new happens.

Automate Your Agency’s

Switch from multiple tools and spreadsheets
to one scalable agency management system.