Unlocking the Secrets of Agency Valuations: Insights from 800 Service Businesses

Margarita Aranza

October 31, 2023

It’s no secret that understanding your agency’s valuation is crucial for its growth, positioning, and future trajectory.

From seeking investors to planning mergers or acquisitions, a realistic, data-backed valuation can make all the difference. When we introduced the Agency Valuation Calculator in 2022, our vision was clear: to illuminate the complexities behind agency valuations and provide businesses with a tangible metric to evaluate and enhance their worth.

This journey has led us through six months of data gathering and research, spanning from January to June 2023. We did a deep dive into the world of agency valuations, tapping into insights from 796 service businesses. These companies come from multiple sectors, are of sizes, and from more than 60 countries. 

Our Findings?

An abundance of data that not only confirms but expands upon our initial building blocks of an agency’s market value. While revenue, EBITDA, growth rates, business development strategy, and management structures play a big role, our research sheds light on other variables that could make or break your valuation.

How do business management tools impact agency worth? Or, what role do reputation and brand image play in influencing potential investors or buyers? We’ve got the answers to this as well as any other questions you might have.

But don’t worry, we’re not keeping things under wraps. 

On November 14th, 2023, we presented our findings at a live webinar. The aim was to help agency experts understand the metrics behind agency valuations and learn how to apply them strategically. The data we presented will help you enhance your value proposition, chart a clear path for growth, and position your agency at the forefront of the industry.

We also looked into how the agencies with the best valuations are performing so you can directly compare how your agency is fairing against some of the best in the industry. 

Whether you’re an agency owner, a prospective investor, or simply curious about the world of agency valuations, this webinar is a golden opportunity. Dive deep into data-backed insights and get the first look at our comprehensive report.

You can access the webinar recording by registering.

Jonathan Baker has hands-on experience with building a marketing strategy and doing positioning work for Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola, Heineken, Colgate, and many more. After he teamed up with his father David, he took on the role of M&A practice at Punctation where he’s worked on dozens of deals, both inside and outside the industry.

Margarita Aranza

Marketing Assistant

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