Backend • Engineering

Custom Fields: Give Your Customers the Fields They Need

Here at Productive, we’re building an operating system for digital agencies. Because each agency is different, they need customization options for their workflows.

Engineering • Frontend

Learning Ember: The Easier Way

Instead of working in Vue or React, I had to learn Ember for my new frontend position at Productive.

Engineering • Testing

Testing the Test

A lot of developers avoid writing automated code tests, or at least writing proper ones.

Engineering • Workflow

Pull Requests—The Good, the Bad and Really, Not That Ugly

PR review workflow helps with code quality, sharing domain knowledge and mentoring. But every process comes with overhead.

Engineering • Frontend

How React Ruined Web Development

Nobody agrees with the title of this article, saying “ruined” is too strong of a word. But most of them agree with the problems discussed in this article.