Run a profitable
digital agency

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Stop managing profitability using Excel

Being profitable is the most important thing in any business. Figure out how profitable is your company, deal or project at any given point in time.

Keep an eye on your sales pipeline

Get a top-down overview of your sales pipeline? How many prospective deals are coming in? How much potential revenue? How much revenue is “in production”?

Who is it for?

Agencies, consultancies, software development companies and other growing businesses that principally make money by doing contract work for clients and charging for their time.

Time reports
Figure out project costs based on logged time
You charge for your time - you need to track it efficiently. Get time reminders for your team to keep them from forgetting to track time.

Communicate and coordinate projects

Assign tasks, manage important milestones and work directly with clients.

Take care of your customers

Have one central place for all your contacts. Take notes and assign emails. Turn contacts into users and ask them to work on projects with you.

Keep everything in one place

Frustrated by using separate systems for timetracking, project management, sales, CRM and others? Don’t want to use a dozen of different tools that don’t talk to each other?

(eg. Excel)
(eg. Harvest, Toggl, Freckle)
Project Management
(eg. Basecamp, Asana, JIRA)
Sales Pipeline
(eg. Salesforce, Pipedrive)
(eg. Highrise, Salesforce)

What else can I do?

  • Invite and collaborate with clients
  • Run Multiple companies
  • Organize my contact database
  • Manage internal projects
  • Import e-mails and link to deals
  • Use it on my phone or tablet
  • Customize sales pipeline

Simple and transparent pricing

$ 10
/ per employee per month.
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